The Aurora Hair Band Night Roller, Original as Seen on Dragons’ Den


  • The Aurora Hair Band is designed to style your hair while you sleep.
  • To use the Aurora Band, wash your hair as usual and remove moisture from hair until it is slightly damp.
  • Brush thoroughly and choose your desired parting.
  • Place the Aurora Band on your head and secure on your forehead.
  • Then simply follow the steps below.

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How to use the Aurora Hair Band

Step 1- Part your hair at the nape of the neck to make equal sections.

Step 2 – Take a 2 inch (5cm) section of your hair. Place your free hand between the hair and the band. Wrap your hair around the band and pull through with free hand.

Step 3- Take the next hair section and add to this the remainder of the first section. Continue wrapping the hair in this fashion until you reach the nape of the neck.

Step 4 – Always working from the front of the head to the nape of the neck repeat the process for the opposite side. When complete push band back from forehand to hairline.

For Best Results Use on freshly washed hair, dry off most of the moisture leaving hair slightly damp, brush thoroughly, part in your desired parting. Place The Aurora Hair Band on your head. Divide hair down the back centre of crown as if to make pigtails. Starting from the front, take your first section, about 2 inches for longer hair, make bigger sections. Comb each section before you wrap.

ALWAYS REMEMBER to add the remainder of each section into the next until you reach the nape of the neck. Repeat on the opposite side, again starting at the front. Pull the Band back to hairline when finished wrapping.


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